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Bookmark this page and check pack every couple of weeks or so.  There's a lot of ideas we're kicking around, and it's only a question of time until they get implemented.  Just a couple of them are:

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Hello, and welcome to BuffaloTrains.com.  This new website might seem a little ambitious at first, but with your help it can become a wonderful resource for everyone.  

Are you from Buffalo?  If not, we're glad you've found us on the web.  Part of why were here is to help you out.  Buffalo New York is a city of tremendous railroad history and still features incredible amounts of railroad activity.  Are you planning a visit?  If so, let us be your guide.

So you already know all about Buffalo and our railroads?  Great!  Care to share?  There are plenty of us out here who still revel in the information and history.

From here, from there, or anywhere. BuffaloTrains.com is here for us all.  Let's get to work as soon as possible.  We'll share photos, stories, best railfanning locations, history and the joy of model railroading too.

Welcome Aboard!

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BuffaloTrains.com was launched on January 15, 2005 by Greg Tobin and Western New York Trainmasters, a not-for-profit organization.  All photos and artwork on this site are the property of Greg Tobin or their respective owners and may not be used without permission.   
Most recent update 8/22/10.

Here's What's NEW

are online!

It's not much, but we've finally got a presence on on the web.  We've been busy building modules for our new portable layout.  There hasn't been much extra time to work on the website. So check our our handiwork.  There are more photos and so much to share, so bookmark it and check back soon.

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